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Pre-Purchase Inspections

One of the main reasons people buy homes is so they can live there. Another is they’re looking for investment opportunities in real estate. Still, another is that they want to make money by renting out their property.

The best way to tell if a property is worth buying is to find out if it has problems. Buyers want to make sure their homes are safe and sound. Most of all they want to own a property that appreciates in value.

A pre-purchase inspection is an essential step for any home buyer. A review by a professional home inspector will reveal hidden issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. For instance, a leaking roof may lead to water damage to walls and ceilings. A faulty furnace could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. An electrical problem could cause fires. And a broken window could let burglars in.

An early checkup is an opportunity to save time and money by preventing potential hazards before they occur. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Give us a call at (209) 620–6648 to schedule an appointment for your home inspection.


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