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Investor Property Inspections

Includes Multi-Unit Housing

Investors who invest in real estate worry about whether the property they’re buying is structurally sound. This is why they require an inspection. Investors also want to ensure that any issues discovered during an inspection are dealt with promptly and effectively.

This is where we come in. We have highly experienced professionals who are skilled at identifying potential issues before they become major problems.

A comprehensive property inspection includes an assessment of the building’s structural integrity and its systems. This includes everything from the roof, walls, floor, windows, doors, plumbings, electrical wirings, heating/cooling systems, fire protection systems, elevator shafts, security alarms, etc. This also covers any special features such as swimming pools, tennis courts, saunas, gyms, spas, etc.

An investor property inspection is usually performed after a purchase agreement has been signed, before a closing deadline, and periodically throughout ownership. Inspections for properties currently in your investment portfolio would help identify any needed repairs after a long-time tenant has left. Long-term tenants sometimes neglect to mention repairs and/or abuse on the property during their tenancy. Early identification of those problems is the key to a profitable business.

The best way to ensure that your investment is protected is to hire us to inspect your home. Give us a call at (209) 620–6648 to schedule an appointment for your home inspection.


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